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Meirav Zaks-Zilberman



Artist statement:
In my work, I intend to build a language of myself, my particular wit, skills, tastes, and comprehension of things, so that I am able to express my personal world in a direct and clear manner. I attempt to share my inner journey through my art with the viewer. My goal is to create a conversation with you. The hope is for you to feel the images create their own scenarios. My work is a personal expression and dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition – an execution of my thoughts and the abstract perspective of my idea. I value painting as a visual art manifested artistically, culturally, and personally. I am fascinating by people, raw natural materials, the physical body and its existence in space and time - and the awareness of these. I attempt to discover beauty within moving bodies, exploring the interactions with light, form, energy, and means of representation. It is life itself as it chances to exist that stimulates me to create. For me, art making is about communication, experimentation, and discovery. It is a way of seeing and living in the world, true to my experiences and intentions. That means that everything I see, feel, and experience affects my art. My work serves at times as a metaphor for energy and connection with psyche, others, and nature. The works chosen here are a representation of a larger current body of work created during the past two years.



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