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Joan Glinert


617 332 0244

Artist statement:
My first love was puppet theater—sculpting ‘talking heads’ and creating characters of all ages and types that came alive with dialogue. After my studies in theater education at Emerson College, I moved to London and became Creative Director for the London Jewish Puppet Theater, and Consultant to the Inner London Education Authority in the use of puppetry for multicultural education. Several years later and back in Newton, my fascination with creating character morphed into capturing real people, in oil on canvas. Powerful elements in this drama are the matured face carved by personality and passing years, and the human spirit in the stages of life—men and women in their prime, children with their moods and dreams. I also see that individual spirit in dogs, our most loyal of friends. The glistening look in the eyes, the hues of the coat, the turn of the head, the way the dog holds itself. In painting seek to capture the pathos that binds them to us.



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