Artist Page

Adrienne Shishko



Artist statement:
For me, my art is a true expression of living in the moment. Each gesture represents a different moment’s inspiration. My artwork is varied in subject matter, materials, color, and technique. It is a reflection of the variety of internal and external input that stimulates me creatively. At times my work is riotous with color and gesture reflecting my efforts to “take it all in and make some sense of it” and at other times it is more serene and reflective, limited in color, and a challenge to myself to work within some self-imposed boundaries. I also work with a variety of materials, primarily recycled, and deploy them together in ways that highlight their unique qualities. While the opportunity to give new life to recycled materials motivates me from an environmental standpoint, I also incorporate many of these fragments because they are autobiographical as artifacts from my day-to-day existence, reflecting what I’ve touched, seen, read, or admired.



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