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Adrienne Robinson



Artist statement:
As long as I can remember I have had the identity of an artist. Drawing, painting, arranging stones, sticks, leaves, building sand sculptures - there was always that urge to create. Often the smallest outcome was as satisfying as the planned for, time invested, art piece. My favorite way of working involves collaboration - illustrating poetry and stories, set design, etc. For 4 years, a dear friend or over 50 years, a much published author, and I worked on Creation Stories. We created pieces from 13 different countries that reflected the spirit and art of these different cultures and resulted in a unique book. I used a wide variety of media, collage, wire sculpture, fabric, felt, all natural objects ranging in size from 1 foot to a Mayan ceremonial Cape to a 6ft tall wire sculpture. Art is another language which gives a richer, deeper meaning to life that employs the unconscious - the body mind and soul. It revealed the nature of how everything in life is related to everything else. One can express the unfolding of layers unfolding, something of the mystery of life - our existence. Sometimes the ideas just flow from the brain, down the hand onto the paper and sometimes it is research, examine, do and re-do and slog, slog, slog.



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