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Adriana R. Mead



Artist statement:
Twenty years ago, my first attraction to jewelry design was based in color, which was expressed primarily through unique combinations of semi-precious gemstones and pearls. With time, my knowledge of stones and pearls has increased, and with that knowledge, the need to make a piece more my own; more complete as an artistic expression. As a result, for the last seven years I have been on a journey towards becoming a metal smith. It is in metalwork – sawing, dapping, fusing, hammering, form-folding, soldering, texturing, applying a patina – that I am discovering what I hope is my unique voice as a jewelry artist. While primarily working as a classical musician and educator, I feel very privileged to have this secondary outlet for my creative spirit. It is dramatically different from my life as a professional singer, yet it feels somehow complimentary. Music has an element of ‘legato’ - a stretching out and smooth flowing of line- and this is achievable in three-dimensional art, too, in the way a hammer and heat can alter the shape and fluidity of metal. I hope you enjoy my work.



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